Scott Smith (Tribute)

It is never supposed to happen to you… At least that is how the saying goes.

However on November 30, 2000 it did happen to us, all of us. We lost our great friend and band-mate Scott Smith in a terrible boating accident. It is still hard to believe. He was a great father, musician and an irreplaceable friend to all of us. We all deeply miss Scott. More than words can say.

Scott was our “word-Smith.” When it came to liner notes for albums, it was he who always came up with a witty and entertaining anecdote for all the things we had done.

He had a way of seeing all of us with a sense of humour that sometimes escapes a group of guys that have been together for so many years. Scott was a major part of Loverboy and proud of the band. Scott always spread a little happiness to all who knew him and he is deeply loved and missed by his family and friends.